Inspire: Packaging Design

Whilst browsing one of my favourite upmarket (i.e. silly prices but totally worth it) delicatessen in Parson’s Green known to most as Bayley and Sage but know to my husband and I as Sayley and Bage (sadly there is no explanation for this we’re just a little odd like that), I stumbled upon a beautifully wrapped Chocolate Bar by Coco Chocolatiers. Ok, so I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic, however, even if I was not I would still purchase these bars purely for their stunning packaging design.

Over the last few of years, there seems to have been a real surge in artistically wrapped artisanal chocolate brands, the most well-known of those being Mast brothers claiming fame through their bold packaging design and varied flavours.

“Founded by pioneering brothers Rick and Michael Mast in 2007, Mast Brothers is introducing chocolate to the world with an obsessive attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, groundbreaking innovation, and inspirational simplicity."

After doing a bit of a Pinterest search for chocolate bar packaging design a number of other brands caught my eye. Funnily enough two of them are based in my favourite city, Edinburgh. Yay go Scotland!

  • Bahen & Co - Traditionally made chocolate by an Australian winemaker. Specialising in stone ground Chocolate.
  • Ocelot - Set up by a married couple in Edinburgh, both previously chefs and have previous experience in design and illustration hence the gorgeous designs
  • Coco Chocolatier - Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh specialising in making ethically traded, organic and most importantly delicious chocolate.